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Father and daughter having conversation in remodeled kitchen.

No Dream Too Big with Rocket Loans Financing

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Imagine strolling around your multi-functional kitchen island in the early light of morning:

Grabbing a glass from your two-toned kitchen cabinet, you pour water from your filtered and timeless farmhouse sink. Your open window welcomes warm sunlight from the backyard. You set your glass on the smooth granite countertop and reach below your stainless steel, self-cleaning oven to grab a skillet—it’s pancake time.

Sound familiar? You’ve done your Pinterest research, bookmarked your Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and have your dream kitchen (with dream you enjoying it) in mind. It’s an ongoing vision that you, your family, and guests shouldn’t have to settle for when navigating through overdue home renovations and unplanned budget slips.

It’s time to make your daydreams a reality and make your house into a home. And to help, we recently introduced Rocket Loans Financing. It’s a financing program to help you and other homeowners get the financing you need to live out the dream projects you’ve longed for and increase the value of your home on your timeline.

Why Consider Rocket Loans Financing Program to Bring Your Home Remodeling Daydream to Life?

Because Rocket Loans simplifies the process! Instead of taking months searching for a viable way to pay for your dream, and a homebuilder to make it a reality, we partnered with Buildertrend to create a project network for you to easily match yourself to a homebuilder or remodeler in your area. Then, Rocket Loans Financing makes the entire financing process pain-free, as you’re able to pre-qualify for a personal loan in minutes and view your options even before your first project meeting. 

Expand (and Stay Under) Your Budget

When budgeting for their dream renovation, many homeowners feel like they either need to save their dollars for a long time and spend their cash upfront on renovation costs—or charge it to their credit card with a twice as high APR or interest rate. And neither option is a favorable “payment plan” when it comes to any unaccounted charges that happen mid-project.

What’s great about applying for Rocket Loans Financing is that it’s a simple and straightforward experience. You now have an easy plan in place for 1. how you’re going to pay for your project and 2. how long it’s going to take for you to pay off that project. And unlike a home equity loan, Rocket Loans Financing requires less work, time, and appraisal/closing costs.

“Think about the extra work involved for home equity loans,” says Jason van den Boogaart, Rocket Loans Director of Rocket Loans Financing Program.“ There’s a lot more to that product than getting simple financing in the form of a personal loan. Personal loans are easy. Think financing in 1-3 business days, and you can immediately review your offers during conversations with your remodeler right at the kitchen table—typically looking at a budget offering more than you thought possible.”

Combine Home Renovation Projects

With proper financing, your home easily turns into a “one-stop” shop. You’re able to make project adjustments, satisfy unexpected overages, or add on extra home desires within the same remodeling timeline and budget.

For example, do you want an outdoor entertainment patio to match your kitchen? Does your master bathroom also need work? Do your wood floors show signs of mold mid-project? Each request can potentially get updated by the same remodeler in six to twelve weeks, rather than eight weeks for the patio and then coming back three months later to complete your bathroom and flooring.

Match with a Professional Contractor

We understand that not everyone has a “friend of a friend” who can help remodel their home. Well in that case, consider us your friend!

With your budget in mind, we will use our partners to connect you with a highly trained remodeler or homebuilder in your area. Your payments will go directly to the remodeler or homebuilder for your home project.

Remember that, like us, remodelers and homebuilders want to set you up for success. They care about their clients and are also concerned about the financial options you have. That’s why they’re partnering with us—so good work doesn’t have to get sacrificed for a good price. Overall, our fast process is here to eliminate painstakes and meet everyone in the middle to achieve your dreams. 

How Do You Know if a Local Professional Offers Rocket Loans Financing? Or, what if I Already Have Someone in Mind?

It never hurts to ask or recommend the option to your homebuilder or remodeler, as the homebuilder application process only takes a short amount of time. Our homebuilders also share online resources on their websites that tie back to Rocket Loans and our simple financing process.

If you’re already working with a homebuilder or remodeler, keep Rocket Loans Financing in mind as you build out your project. Jobs almost always tend to climb overbudget midreview, and this is a quick and easy way for everyone to handle the additional funds.

“At the end of the day, we’re trying to help strengthen the homeowner and contractor relationship,” says van den Boogaart. “We’ve worked hard at simplifying the process, but I believe our job isn’t considered done until everyone leaves the project site with a ‘wow mentality’ and smile on their face at the end result.”

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