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Unfortunately, Rocket Loans only offers personal loans to US citizens or permanent U.S. resident aliens residing in the United States, who must be over the age of 18.

If you are accessing our site internationally regarding an existing account, please contact our customer service team:

If you are a US citizen or permanent U.S. resident alien residing in the United States and want to apply for a new loan, please do so upon your return to the States. Thank you for your understanding.

Personal Loans

from $2,000 to $45,000


for 36 or 60 months

No Hidden Fees

or prepayment penalties

Get Money

in 1-3 Business days

We've Automated the Process to Make Things Secure, Fast, and Simple!

Our platform works by verifying your data, so we will:

  •  Verify your identity electronically
  •  Verify your income electronically
  •  Require you to log in to your online bank account to verify your information
  •  Validate your bank account electronically
Personal Loans
Debt Consolidation

Consolidate your bills into a single monthly payment

Home Improvement

Get the money you need to make home improvements

Medical Expenses

Pay for your medical expenses

Auto Expenses

Purchase or repair a vehicle

Small Business

Get money for your small business

What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is an unsecured fixed-term (3 or 5 years in our case) loan with a fixed interest rate that is repaid in equal monthly payments.

You may be able to receive up to $45,000 by the next business day* to take control of your financial goals-- whether that's consolidating debt, making home improvements, or making a major purchase. It's your choice, and your money.

*This is just a representative example. Loan amount and funding time may vary based on your specific bank's policies.

Benefits of a Personal Loan

Rocket Loans personal loan provides you with a simple, automated process to get you the money you need fast and efficiently.

Unlike credit cards, a personal loan has a fixed-term with a fixed interest rate. Consolidating credit card balances into a personal loan can save you thousands of dollars and allow you to pay off your debt in 3 or 5 years.

What Should I Know?

Rocket Loans platform is simple, fast and secure.

Our platform works by sharing data electronically, so we'll need you to:

  •  Verify your identity electronically
  •  Verify your income electronically
  •  Log into your online bank account
  •  Validate your bank account electronically
How Our Process Works
Our process is simple:
  1. Enter your personal information
  2. Review your options
  3. Select the option that best suits your financial goals
  4. Electronically verify your identity
  5. Login to your bank account
  6. Accept your offer
  7. Receive your money
The entire process can take just a few minutes!
Finance Example

A finance charge is the total cost of the loan, including all interest and fees incurred at the time of origination (i.e. fees that are financed). See below for an example:

Loan Amount: $10,000
Origination Fee (2.99%): $299
Net Funds Deposited Into Your Account: $9,701
Term: 60 Months
Interest Rate: 10.5%
Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 11.86%
Monthly Payment: $214.94
Total Interest: $3,204.03
Total Finance Charge: $3,503.03

The interest represented assumes full payments are made each month for the entire term of the loan using ACH repayment. Rocket Loans Personal Loans never have a pre-payment penalty, so the loan can be repaid at any time by making a full payment of the remaining balance and incurred interest at the time of payoff.

Qualified clients using Rocket Loans will see loan options with either 36 or 60 month terms, a minimum APR of 8.416% and a maximum APR of 29.99%.