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9 Interior Design Trends To Expect In 2022

Morgan McBride5 minute read
PUBLISHED: January 11, 2022


2022 has arrived and many people are wondering what type of year it will be. The past 2 years have been unprecedented and significantly defined by COVID-19 and its lasting effects. While most people are hoping that we will move past COVID in 2022, its effects will still be felt around the world - including in interior design trends.

People have spent more time than ever at home. This has led to many people, who previously may not have focused on the look and function of their space, spending time and money making their homes more comfortable. In 2022, expect a continued focus on making homes feel cozy and comfortable, as well as functional for work, rest, play and entertaining.

Here are some of the biggest interior design trends for 2022, as predicted by designers and experts.

Antiques Are ‘In’

One major impact that the pandemic continues to cause is delays in shipping and the supply chain. This has affected the interior design industry and made wait times for new furniture very long. So, many have begun focusing on local antiques instead of buying new.

“Not only has it become trendier to decorate your space with a combination of new items and storytelling pieces you can find at antique shops or places like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace, but with the supply chain struggling right now it’s easier to get what you need quicker,” says Chanel, Latina lifestyle blogger and interior decorator at Coco on Fifth.

Antique and vintage furniture and home accessories are easier to get but also give your home the feeling of being casually collected and curated over time. This makes a space feel much cozier compared to rooms that look to simply be replicas of a furniture store showroom.

Sustainable Designs And Fabrics

The pandemic also encouraged many people to consider their own impact on the earth and to look for sustainable alternatives for some of their daily habits and purchases. As a result, there has been a bigger emphasis on sustainable fabrics and home goods.

There are a few ways to be more sustainable with our home decor. One is to shop secondhand or vintage. Another is to use materials that are ethically sourced and naturally reproduce quickly – like bamboo, which can be used for wood products as well as fabrics. Finally, look at decor made from recycled or upcycled materials, in an effort to keep things out of the landfill. Always shop local whenever possible to help cut down on the environmental impacts of shipping.

Furniture With Curved Lines

Curved furniture and decor burst onto the scene in 2021 and it will still be going strong in 2022. Expect to see lots of curved armed furniture, round tables, and arches everywhere.

“As opposed to more square and harsh angled furniture, the more popular rounded features are seen as more comforting,” says Nora Mitchell, editor-in-chief of Household Advice.


To really bring this look into your home, take a look at a room - such as your living room - and identify the piece with the strongest straight lines and square corners. Consider replacing it with a rounded option or softening it up with round accessories, such as pillows on a couch or a tray on a coffee table.

Functional And Beautiful WFH Spaces

One broad effect of the pandemic that a lot of people aren’t mad about is the widespread acceptance of a work-from-home lifestyle. Work from home has become permanent for many people. This makes it more important than ever to have a dedicated workspace that is private, comfortable and professional.

Once your office is set up to be comfortable and functional, you still have to consider the aesthetic look. According to Eden Morrison, designer at Graber, “With video conferencing the new norm, strategic lighting and an attractive backdrop are important decor aspects to consider. Calm, inviting spaces with great light control are key features of a home office.”

Be sure to have a space with a clean background to keep video calls focused and professional.

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Travel-Inspired Decor

The pandemic put travel on hold for most people, and for many it was a reminder of how important travel is to them. Expect to see more homes decorated with decor from or inspired by favorite travel destinations.

Bold color and patterns will be appearing more in 2022. Travel-inspired decor is a great way to bring color and texture into a space in a thoughtful way. Focus on accents that are larger than a cantaloupe to keep your shelves from looking too cluttered. Group similar smaller items together in one space for a bigger impact.

Let Nature In

As people felt trapped at home for the past two years, bringing nature into their homes has been a way to feel less confined. This has led to an increase of decorating with natural elements including lots of houseplants. According to KD Reid of KD Reid Interiors, “Homeowners will continue to enjoy incorporating natural aspects within their space. Natural materials not only offer warmth and a sense of comfort to a place, but they also serve to balance out technology.”

An easy way to bring nature into your home is by decorating with natural materials. This can include wood, cane, rattan, jute, stone, linen, cotton, wool and other natural fibers. Replacing manmade textures with natural ones will make a home feel cozy and help bridge the space between indoors and out.

Continued Emphasis On Outdoor Living Space

In 2021, the safest option for many people to entertain has been outdoors. In order to get their yards into entertaining shape, many people installed decks and patios and created outdoor entertaining spaces. In 2022, expect to see homeowners investing more in their outdoor spaces.

The best way to make your outdoor space feel like a continuation of your indoor entertaining spaces is by mimicking the indoors outdoors. This means selecting outdoor furniture and home accessories in a similar style and color palette as your indoor living room furniture. This sense of cohesiveness will make your yard feel more inviting and more continuous with the rest of your home.

Large-Scale Floor Patterns

As everything becomes more minimalistic, expect to see less busy small-scale tiles and more large-scale tile, especially on flooring. Linear tile will also be popular for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom tiles. These tiles have a clean, modern look and are very different from the smaller subway tile that has been on-trend for so long.

Moving Away from All-White

All-white kitchens and bathrooms might be a thing of the past. Say goodbye to pops of color and hello to lots of color in 2022.

“Many homeowners are adding color into their home, making it feel warm and inviting. I feel white has run its course and is being seen as too cold and it does not add personality to a home,” says Mitchell.

If you aren’t a fan of colored cabinets or furniture, instead choose natural wood tones to bring in that color in a very natural and neutral way. Just focus on warmth and coziness instead of the cold, clinical feel of an all-white space.

The Bottom Line

Interior decor trends come and go, but making your home more comfortable for your family will never go out of style. In 2022, focus on making your home feel cozy with curved lines, warm colors and sustainable, natural materials. Shop local and secondhand to ease your environmental impact and get around supply chain issues. Craft a home that you love and create memories there with your loved ones.

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