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Kids Playroom Ideas For Your Home

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Play is an essential part of life. From a very young age, we start living by exploring, creating and imagining. Having a space dedicated to playing is a great addition to your home and that’s sure to make your kids happy.

Whether it’s a large playroom or a cozy nook, dedicating a space for play encourages creativity and organization. If you have one area where toys, books and art supplies are stored, your kids will have an easier time finding them. And you'll be less likely to pull your hair out due to a mess.

Read on for playroom and learning room design ideas for kids.

Maximize The Play Area With Playroom Design

Before you start converting a space to a dedicated play area, think about your kid(s) and their needs. Do you have a climber with an endless supply of energy? Or is your kid happy with quietly coloring? With multiple kids, you'll need to weigh their needs and strike a balance.

By giving your kids a place to play, you're helping define where they should play. Especially as they get older, you can set expectations for them to limit their play to a certain area and put their toys away when they're done. This is an essential part of living together, especially if you're also having to work from home.

Choose The Right Room

If you have a small house, maximize the space you have for playing. This may mean that, instead of having a dedicated playroom, you can redesign your kids' bedrooms so they have more space to play. Raise their beds off the floor with a bunkbed-style loft, and suddenly you have more room for both storage and playing.

Maybe you aren't fully utilizing the space in your living room. By using bookshelves and other storage solutions, you can free up some room for play space. Remember that when you use the living room most may not be the peak time for your kids. If they have a row of cubbies and a play mat, your space may feel less invaded vs. more. 

Unify Playroom Decor

If you want to go the extra step and make everything fit together, choose a theme for the playroom. This could be something as simple as picking a couple fun colors and matching the furniture. Or you could go full-blown and commit to a more personalized theme like pirates or gymnastics. Just know that the more specific the theme, the less versatile the area will be.

Build Out A Reading Nook

Who doesn't love a good window seat? Is there a window in your house just asking for some cabinetry and cushions? Build out a reading nook that you and your kids can enjoy. Fill the area with bookshelves displaying their favorites.

Don't have the spot for a window seat? You can still carve out a corner of a room for reading. Put a comfy chair in the corner with a reading lamp and keep a basket full of books nearby. If they're young, they can sit on your lap while you read them stories. And if they're older, they can use the area to study.

Decorate The Walls

If you're creating a full-blown playroom, you'll need to make it look like one. Adding a new coat of paint, even for just one accent wall, can transform a room. Hang up their crayon masterpieces along with photographs that you and your kids will enjoy.

Here are some other options for decorating your walls:

Use Temporary Wallpaper

Wallpaper, especially as an accent wall, can really brighten up a room. The problem is that wallpaper is messy, hard to apply and even harder to remove. Want to put up cute patterned wallpaper with bright colors, but don't want to fully commit to it? Use temporary wallpaper. 

There are several companies out there with huge selections of vibrant temporary wallpaper. Decorate a wall, and if you or your kids decide to change it, no big deal. It's easier to remove than traditional wallpaper or painting.

Create A Chalkboard Wall

Want a great surface for your kids to express themselves? Consider painting a wall with chalkboard paint or use chalkboard wallpaper. You can use the wall to keep track of chores, create wall art and do homework. 

Don't want to commit to a whole wall? You can buy and hang a chalkboard or go DIY and cover a piece of wood in chalkboard wallpaper. This way, you can move the chalkboard to different walls or rooms if needed.

Stick-On Wall Decals

Removable wall decals are great for adding a flourish to your kids’ room. Also known as surface graphics, these decals are usually made from vinyl or fabric, and are more durable and textured than standard wallpaper. 

They come in a variety of designs, from things like forest trees and critters, to superheroes and popular characters, to seasonal designs like spooky Halloween spiders. Because they're so easy to apply and remove, you can buy a few and rotate them out to keep things fun for your kids.

Put Down A Play Mat

If you've got a small one, especially one that isn't mobile, a good play mat may be all you need (for now). A soft place to lie down and stare at their hands will meet the needs of most babies. When they reach the stage of putting everything in their mouths, you can have pacifiers and teething toys nearby.

As they grow older, though, the play mat will need to grow with them. A good play mat or area rug is the anchor for a play space. It gives them a safe surface to spend time on. 

If your kid is into cars, give them a play mat they can "vroom" their toys all over. Or if you have a kiddo into tumbling, look for a padded mat to keep them a little less banged up.

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DIY A Kids' Playhouse Or Treehouse

Want the ultimate DIY project to light up your kids’ faces? Build them something that will help their imagination grow, like a playhouse. There are dozens of build plans and ideas online. It could be a cute house with a built-in play kitchen or the cockpit of a spaceship. 

You can go for a sturdy wooden design or get innovative. If you want something more portable than a wooden playhouse, you can create a fun tent by decorating a bedsheet with doors and windows. Drape it over a card table, and voilà, you've got a simple playhouse.

Want to go beyond building a typical playhouse? Construct an indoor treehouse. Not only is this a great indoor play area on a rainy day, but it utilizes vertical space. This makes more space on the floor for – wait for it – playing. A treehouse is perfect for a kids' bedroom as the play area can double as a lofted bed.

Employ Creative Storage

Whether it’s a cute row of cubbies or built-in shelving, well-designed storage will look good and help keep the play area organized. Having a place for toys and art supplies not only makes the space tidier, it helps your kid play. With everything in its place, you can cut down on time spent hunting the house for a specific stuffed animal.

Assemble A Dress-Up Closet

If your little one loves wearing costumes, put together a special place for them. A spare closet or pop-up wardrobe can easily be converted into a storage solution. Whether they want to be a robot or a ballerina or a robot ballerina, with a dress-up closet, your kids will have a place for their attire.

Use Accessible Bookcases

One of the first steps to encourage your little reader is to have their books at eye-level. Even if they aren't at the age where they can read, having accessible books inspires curiosity. They can pull them out, inspect the pictures and interact with them. A display bookstand will show off the colorful artwork, making the books a central piece your kids will want to engage with.

Stow Away Toys With Fun Storage

Plastic totes and bins aren't exactly visually appealing. A better solution is using a few cute wicker baskets. This way kids can easily see their toys and they don't look out of place in the room. 

The ultimate fun toy storage, however, is the classic toy chest. A toy chest is synonymous with treasure chest to your kids. It's begging to be opened. If you decide to go the toy chest route, make sure that the lid isn't too heavy. You don't want pinched fingers or bashed knuckles if your kiddo has trouble opening it.

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Make A Climbing Wall

Have a few energetic kids who are often stuck inside? Build a climbing wall! Dedicate a wall in their room, or even a section of a hallway, for climbing. You can buy different climbing holds and secure them to wood panels. Just be sure to properly secure the wood panels to the studs in your wall. The last thing you want is for one to break off while your kid is hanging upside-down.

Incorporate Fun And Functional Playroom Furniture

Furniture can really make a room. If you're expanding the play space in your kids' bedroom, see if they would want a daybed. They can use this bed to sleep at night and for relaxing during the day. Pair it with a reading nook and you've got the ultimate cozy spot.

Floor cushions can make fun, portable furniture for your little one. Other kid-friendly furniture includes bean bags and a coloring table. Shop for furniture with your kid and look for pieces that excite them. Bonus points if they also have built-in storage. 

Pulling It All Together

Follow these ideas to put together the perfect playroom for your kids. Make over their bedroom, carve out a small space in the family room or dedicate a whole room just for play – whichever you do, your kids will appreciate it. 

Having their own space for crafting, reading and imagining is one of the best things you can do for your kids. Adding fun storage bins and teaching them how to stay organized will keep the kids’ toys in one place, and hopefully also help you keep your hair in.

Depending on the space, putting in a playroom can be a big home improvement project. Need some help funding the perfect playroom build-out? Consider taking out a personal loan to make certain the room makeover is done right from the beginning.

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