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3 Fast Methods To Save Money Before Your Next Vacation

3-Minute ReadUPDATED: June 03, 2022


Taking an overdue vacation is a lot of fun for you, but not so much fun for your wallet.

Unfortunately, real time doesn’t stop like "vacation time" does. Between the time you'll have to take off from work for the trip, the bills you'll still have to pay while you're gone, and all of the expenses related to the vacation (airfare, hotel, dining out, souvenirs, etc.), vacationing can take a serious chunk out of your bank account in a very short amount of time.

However, with a little planning ahead, it is still possible to make the most out of your dream destination and enjoy overdue vacation time without an overdue payment. Here are 3 last-minute ways you can save up the extra cash you'll need.

1. Cut Back On Unnecessary Expenses Right. Now.

Consider everything that you spend money on each month and find some quick-hit areas where you can offset your vacation and cut back spending. Instead of paying for a gym membership, try working out at home or a nearby park. Train for your adventure and walk more places instead of driving your car. Trade your weekly restaurant habit for more nights cooking at home.

Get creative! You'd be surprised just how much extra money you can quickly save when you are willing to sacrifice a bit of fun today in exchange for the fun festivities you know you'll enjoy more on vacation.

If you have enough time to plan ahead, there are simple ways to save money on last-minute travel. Explore your options by comparing tickets (many different travel companies and airlines have similar offerings) and being flexible with travel dates. Look into travel bundles or consider alternative lodging like Airbnb. Reviewing your trip itinerary ahead of time and prioritizing vacation experiences is a fast way to save a few extra bucks when traveling.

But remember that you ultimately deserve this vacation! There are always ways to save without minimizing your trip’s big and most exciting experiences. And if you don’t want to leave anything out, a personal loan may work on a short timeline for fast cash with easy monthly installments.

2. Sell Things You Don't Need

If you're like most people, you probably have a ton of things around your home that are just gathering dust. Marie Condo style, it’s time to appreciate and say goodbye to old items and make room for new experiences (and top-notch souvenirs).

Consider having a garage sale or selling your belongings online. Just because you are no longer using something doesn't mean that the item isn't valuable and someone wouldn’t enjoy it. And not only are you making vacation money, but you’re also decluttering and returning to a clean, refreshing home. Just make sure that the items you sell are still in good condition before sending to their new owner.

Here is a list of some easy websites and apps to explore selling items for quick cash.

3. Pick Up A Side Hustle

In today's gig economy, it is easier than ever to pick up a side job to bring in some extra cash. Drive for a ride-sharing service, join a dog walking app, or offer your professional talents in an online marketplace a few nights a week.

If you live in a city or well-traveled area, you could consider helping out someone else’s travel experience and rent out your home or guest bedroom. You can also offer to babysit for friends with children, and they'll be likely to return the favor when you need childcare, which can help you save even more money.

"Having a side hustle, like selling on Amazon, requires learning more about yourself and the business you love," says Rocket Loans' client-experience team member, Ashley. "I am a multifaceted woman and find it very rewarding to involve myself in multiple projects outside of work—especially in a way that brings income to my family."

Hustle like Ashley and before you know it, you'll have plenty of cash for your vacation, and perhaps even a little extra to start saving for the next one!

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