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Bring Your Passions Home

2-Minute ReadUPDATED: October 08, 2021


With how much time we now spend at home, there’s never been a better time to focus on our hobbies. Some hobbies – like gaming, cooking and singing – are easily done at home, but others are traditionally done outside of the house … which means they might be put on the backburner. If this dilemma sounds familiar, consider investing in yourself by bringing your passions home.

Keep reading for inspiration on how to make space for the things you love!


Tired of waiting in line to use the elliptical? Sick of listening to your gym’s cheesy playlists? It may be time to ditch the gym membership and dedicate space in your home to your fitness goals.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just starting out, a home gym is a highly customizable addition to just about any home. You can create a space that you truly enjoy, complete with your ideal workout equipment and your favorite tunes on repeat. A home gym doesn’t need to be massive or state-of-the-art, either – it just needs to make you feel comfortable and excited about prioritizing your health.

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Music Studio

Calling all audiophiles! If you’re passionate about making and mixing music, you know that having a properly outfitted studio can be critical to the creative process. Create a home music studio tuned to your needs – complete with soundproofing, recording equipment and your instruments on display – and get jamming.

Crafting Studio

If your kitchen table is constantly overtaken by your latest DIY project, consider dedicating space in your home for your creative endeavors! Whether you’re passionate about painting, sewing, woodworking or crocheting, allocating space in your home can allow for more creative freedom, fewer spatial limitations and a chance to channel creative energy after a chaotic week.


If you love the experience of going to a movie theater, why not bring that experience home? Deck out your basement, den or spare room with a projector, comfortable recliners, snacks and mood lighting to simulate the real deal. Between date nights, family movie parties and rainy weekend marathons, you’re sure to get endless mileage out of a home theater. And best of all? No limit on popcorn refills!


If you work from home, you deserve a space that makes you feel inspired, calm and motivated. After all, you spend 40+ hours a week in your office – you may as well make it a space you love! Try upgrading your desk and chair, painting the walls in a soothing shade or adding a window to increase natural light. Or, give your space a mini-makeover by decorating with a fluffy rug, framed photos and your favorite candles. Just don’t get too cozy ... after all, you’ve got work to do!

Final Thoughts

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