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2-Minute ReadUPDATED: July 25, 2022


Whether or not you’re a tech wizard, chances are you’ve wondered what it would be like to live in a “smart” home – one that’s fully integrated with the latest technology. Luckily, the smart home is no longer a concept reserved for science fiction movies – in fact, it couldn’t be more attainable! Home technology can be a great tool for managing your hectic daily life, making simple tasks feel luxurious and ensuring your safety – whether you’re lounging in the living room or in a foreign country.

Check out these different ways to introduce home technology into your space:

Smart Locks And Security Cameras

Gone are the days of turning the car around because you forgot to lock the front door or getting up off the couch to see who rang your doorbell. Smart locks and cameras allow you to lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone, check on movement detected near your house and – ultimately – worry less as you move throughout your day.

Smart Thermostats

If you’re looking to make your home more energy-efficient, installing a smart thermostat is a no-brainer. While smart thermostats tend to look sleeker and more discreet than their traditional counterparts, they can also save you big bucks by allowing you to control your climate remotely. Coming home from vacation to a hefty energy bill because you forgot to turn down the heat is a thing of the past.

Smart Speakers

Arguably one of the most versatile home technology options, smart speakers can upgrade your life in countless ways. Connect them to your smart phone via Bluetooth to play your favorite music or, since they’re voice controlled, simply ask them to set a timer, convert tablespoons to cups or tell you a joke – the options are endless.

Smart Lightbulbs

If you’re ready to switch up your lighting, smart bulbs are sure to do the trick. You can – you guessed it – control them from your smart phone, which means major energy savings if you’re prone to accidentally leaving lights on. You can also program them to turn on at the same time every day, change their colors to match your mood and even control them via smart speaker (so you can turn off the lights without getting out of bed!).


Most smart home technologies seamlessly integrate with one another, which means you can turn your home into a technological powerhouse in no time. So, rather than installing one or two smart lightbulbs, consider fully incorporating these items into your home and making your life easier, safer and just a bit more entertaining.

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