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Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Embracing Comfort At Home

3-Minute ReadUPDATED: July 13, 2022


We are staying inside our homes more now compared to any other holiday season. And when it comes to this year’s holiday gift giving, we could all use a little extra comfort and seasonal cheer.

No matter what your budget looks like or your loved ones’ interests, here is our 2020 gift guide for all of us cozy homebodies. Below we're sharing holiday gift ideas and recommendations for any last-minute holiday shopping needs, especially when it comes to living comfortable inside our homes.

Image of woman using kitchen mixer, her 2020 holiday gift

For Your Roommate Baker

When it comes to baking at home in your kitchen, having a proper appliances and cooking supplies is key. And what’s better than starting off your morning with strong coffee and homemade waffles? That’s why we recommend shopping for a kitchen mixer (try KitchenAid) to get things going.

Not a huge fan of sweets? Perhaps a yearly recipe or wine subscription box instead could encourage novice bakers to feel more adventurous when preparing homemade meals.

Gift ideas for the foodie in your life:

  • KitchenAid Mixer
  • Meat Smoker
  • Waffle Maker
  • Yearly Food Subscription
Image of home bathtub, featuring new bathtub caddy

For Your Family Lounger

Thinking of a family member who needs a staycation? Consider gifting items that will help them escape, take a deep breath, and relax throughout their quarantine.

Whether it’s watching movies under a weighted blanket, or lighting candles in a bathtub, think about how their entertainment room or bathroom can relieve any built-up stress.

Gift ideas for the "Zen friend" in your life:

  • Weighted Blanket
  • Fire TV & Speakers
  • Bathtub Caddy
Image of home office space, featuring new desk chair

For Your Hardworking Coworker

Due to COVID-19 safety, working from home became the hottest 2020 business trend. And while it comes with budding flexibility, it can also bring on added home distractions.

To stay productive and comfortable in your home working space, consider your friend’s office desk chair and headphone quality. Afterall, they need solid support, which involves items that feels good throughout the ongoing, day-to-day computer stares and zoom calls.

Gift ideas for the professional in your life:

  • Desk Chair
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Blue Light Computer Glasses
  • Noise-cancelling Headphones
Image of new electric guitar and amp inside home studio

For Your Ambitious, Self-Improver

It is a huge accomplishment to make it to the end of this year in one piece! And an even bigger accomplishment to learn something along the way.

For those who are feeling extra ambitious, consider how one’s home is already built for discovering new hobbies and lessons, like a musical instrument or a family high-strategy game like Catan.

There are also tons of videos that can help you build your dream recording studio, exercise room, or living room to help facilitate home creativity, comfort and learning – especially as we start moving on to 2021 and New Year’s resolutions.

Gift ideas for the life-long learner in your life:

  • Strategy Games & Puzzles
  • Musical Instrument
  • E-Reader
  • Peloton

Final Thoughts

The 2020 holiday gifting season is wrapping up! Use the final few holiday shopping days to find last-minute gifts that are still meaningful (and comfortable!) for you loved one to enjoy inside their homes.

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