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Friends gathering around couch in living room.

5 Ways to Plan an Affordable Party

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Having a party is a great way to take a step back and enjoy time with loved ones. And while planning a party is fun and exciting, it can also feel stressful. There is a lot of planning, spending and last-minute organizing that goes into a successful party.

It’s your party, so budget if you want to! This article will share 5 simple tips to plan a fun and affordable party for any festive occasion.

1. Save the Date

First, you will need to choose a day and time for the party. What is the occasion? Is this a small get together or is there a special holiday in mind? Will your party include a dinner or brunch

You will also want to keep your guests' prior commitments and schedules in mind. That means sending out your invites as soon as possible for your guests to easily RSVP and make the necessary arrangements to attend.

2. Send Out Your Invitations

    Once you schedule your date and time, it’s time to create the invitations. For tips and ideas on invitations, there are plenty websites like Pinterest for personal and creative DIY invitations. There are also free websites to send your invitations to your guest electronically.

    Consider taking advantage of free social platforms like Facebook events. According to Money Crashers writer Jacqueline Curtis, you can also create simple invitations using websites like Evite.

    ”[Invitations are] free to send and allow your friends the option to instantly RSVP,” says Curtis. And if your party is themed, you also have the freedom to make your invitations reflect the selected theme of the party.

    3. Choose Your Venue:

      Depending on how many guests are attending, the venue is important. You don’t want to go to a dinner party in a space the size of a closet. One of the best free venues when it comes to space is outside, perhaps a park or your own backyard. Not to mention, this also helps save on party decorations. Just check to make sure there is a shelter or “option B” in case rainy weather lies ahead.

      4. When Planning, Think About Simple Themes and Décor

      As pleasing as they are, decorations do not need to “break the bank” or burn a hole in your wallet. Instead, think about what resources you already have!

      Repurposing and borrowing decorations from friends can make all the difference. I recently had my housewarming and the theme of the party was “unboxing.” I had a friend help me with decorating and we used all the moving boxes and boxes from old packages as part of the decorations. Since I had recently painted, we also placed the paint cans in the boxes as decorations as well. That way, I didn’t need to make any additional purchases.

      My friend also had foldable tables and chairs, as well as wall décor, and we didn’t need to rent anything for a one-day event. And for last-minute things, any dollar store comes in handy for things like napkins or paper plates.

      Image of guest sitting on paint steps for a "housewarming" theme party.
      Image of friends holding up signs for photo.

      5. Get Your Guests Involved

      Don’t let your guests off the hook. Trying to keep track of allergies, guest favorites, and when to make each dish is time consuming. An easy way to save money on food and drinks is by having a potluck. With a potluck, guests can bring different foods and dishes to feed plenty of people. It will let you worry less about investing in supplies and cleaning up. No one can go wrong if they are supplying their own. For dessert, make your own cake or cupcakes. The average cost to make a cake from scratch is about five dollars and only takes an hour of your time.

      And when it comes to music, you can be your own DJ for your party. There are plenty of music streaming apps that are free and provide you with different styles of music. Some of these apps include YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify. Ask guests to add their favorite tunes to a playlist before the party starts.  Don’t worry about getting the latest tech to play the music either. During my housewarming, I had the music playing from the speakers on the TV. No need for additional speakers, but here are some quick and crafty ideas to turn your party level up.

      And Above Everything Else…

      Have fun! This is a time to celebrate your party planning success. So relax, hang out, and enjoy your company. Your attendees will thank you for all the extra effort you made to get them together and have a great time.

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