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Team Member Microadventures: Making The Most Of Michigan

2-Minute ReadUPDATED: June 03, 2022


COVID-19 has led us to spending most of our time indoors. But now with sunny, spring weather in full bloom, we encouraged our team members to go outside and practice social distancing in the form of microadventures: bite-sized, local, outdoor adventures.

Read about a few of our team members and what they explored on their microadventure while embracing our Rocket home state of Michigan.

Public Art Scavenger Hunt

Team member: Louis

Recommendation rating: 8/10 

Microadventure log:

  • Detroit has a lot of public art to discover
  • Easy to accomplish with little to no planning
  • Check and keep the weather in mind!

“We drove around our city to areas where public art is part of the fabric of the neighborhood. We visited the areas of Core City, Banglatown, Hamtramck, New Center and Eastern Market. The best part was discovering so many new murals and sculptures that we had never seen before.”

Three mural images from Downtown Detroit

Sleeping Inside A Yurt

Team member: Phoebe 

Recommendation rating: 9/10

Microadventure log:

  • Slightly more work planning
  • Create a solid travel checklist (food, sleeping bag, fire starter, etc.)
  • High reward when it comes to unplugging and spending quality time!

“Don’t feel limited right now just because you can’t do big things. Rather, try small things and give them ALL your effort!

I recently camped in a Yurt with my dad and his dog Maisy. We spent the night playing music and cards under the lantern light. This microadventure made me turn off my phone, feel present, and enjoy a quality moment with my dad by doing something we’ve always wanted to try together.”

Three images of camping inside a yurt.

Daytrip To A Neighborhood Park

Team member: Scott 

Recommendation rating: 10/10

Microadventure log:

  • Easy to accomplish and adapt
  • Enjoyable when inviting others
  • Great way to get moving and enjoy nature!

“Parks are great. They’re close to home, with a lot of area to explore, while still being able to social distance. My favorite part about my micro adventure was spending time with my family outside of the house, really being able to enjoy each other’s company around nature.”

Three images of family out enjoying neighborhood nature.

Thinking about trying a microadventure yourself? Don't forget to pack these essential items!

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