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Here's How You Can Use Your Loan

Debt Consolidation Personal Loans
Debt Consolidation
  • Consolidate high-interest debt
  • Move debt to a lower, fixed rate
  • Pay off debt in 36 or 60 months
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Home Improvement Personal Loans
Home Improvement
  • Pay for a new kitchen
  • Furnish your living room
  • Fix roof, install A/C
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Auto Expense Personal Loans
Auto Expenses
  • Get needed car repairs
  • Buy a new or used car
  • Same Day Funding Available
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Medical Expense Personal Loans
Medical Expenses
  • Pay off medical bills
  • Finance medical procedures
  • Pay for unexpected medical expenses
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Pay Off Credit Cards With a Personal Loan
Credit Card Payoff
  • Pay off high-interest credit cards
  • Get a lower or fixed rate
  • Pay off loan in 36 or 60 months
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Small Business Personal Loans
Small Business
  • Pay for personal business expenses
  • Quickly take care of unexpected expenses
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Large Purchase Personal Loans
Large Purchase
  • Buy a new washer and dryer
  • Furnish your new home
  • Make a purchase without a credit card
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Other Personal Loans
Something Else
  • Pay for a special occasion or event
  • Go on your dream vacation
  • Receive money quickly for unexpected expenses
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Financing With a Personal Loan Vs. a Credit Card

Thinking About Consolidating Debt?

When you consolidate debt, you get one loan to pay off individual creditors, You can use the funds to pay off all types of debt, secured or unsecured.

Personal Loan
Credit Card

















5 years


6 years





Credit card example above assumes a $10,000 balance making a monthly payment of $217.42 at 16.00% APR as calculated using the Minimum Payment Calculator versus a RocketLoans Personal Loan of $10,000 including interest and a 5% origination fee and making a monthly payment of $217.42 based on an interest rate and APR with an autopay discount. Actual savings may vary based on the actual APR of existing credit cards and the APR of a personal loan you may obtain through RocketLoans.

About Our Personal Loans

What Is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is an unsecured installment loan with a fixed interest rate that is repaid in equal monthly payments.

You may be able to receive up to $45,000 by the next business day* to take control of your financial goals - whether that's consolidating debt, making home improvements, or making a major purchase.

*This is just a representative example. Loan offers and eligibility will depend upon your individual credit profile. Funds availability may vary based upon your specific bank's policies.

Benefits of a Personal Loan

A RocketLoans personal loan provides you with a simple, automated process to get your money into your bank account quickly and efficiently. Personal loans are most popular as Debt-Consolidation Loans, which allow you to consolidate high-interest credit card accounts into a single, low, fixed monthly payment with a specific time period to eliminate the debt. Other popular uses are to make Home Improvements, or to make major purchases.

What Should I Know?

RocketLoans platform is simple, fast and secure. Our platform works by sharing data electronically, so we'll need you to:

  • Verify your identity electronically
  • Verify your income electronically
  • Log into your bank account
  • Validate your bank account electronically
Finance Example

A finance charge is the total cost of the loan, including all interest and fees incurred at the time of origination (i.e. fees that are financed). See below for an example:

Loan Amount: $10,000
Origination Fee (4%)*: $400
Net Funds Deposited Into Your Account: $9,600
Term: 36 Months
Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 10.8%
Interest Rate: 8.0%
Monthly Payment: $313.36
Total Interest: $1,281.09
Total Finance Charge: $1,681.09

The interest represented assumes full payments each month for the entire term of the loan using autopay repayment. RocketLoans Personal Loans never have a pre-payment penalty, so the loan can be repaid at any time by making a full payment of the remaining balance and incurred interest at the time of payoff.

Qualified clients using RocketLoans will see loan options for a 36 or 60 month term, and APR ranges from a minimum of 5.983% (rate with autopay discount) to a maximum of 29.99% (rate without autopay discount).

*An origination fee of 1% - 6% is charged to each loan. The fee will be deducted from the balance of the loan before the funds are disbursed to the client.

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