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The Best Ways To Add Cottage-Style Home Decor To Your Space

3 minute read UPDATED: July 25, 2022


When you first think of a cottage, it’s easy to imagine the picturesque image of a rustic stone dwelling tucked away in the forest. But while this may be the classic cottage of your fairytale dreams, it’s just one of several cottage variations found today.

What Is A Cottage-Style Home?

Typically consisting of just a few rooms, a cottage-style home is both functional and somewhat whimsical. Despite their smaller size, cottage-style homes create a sense of comfort as they utilize charming and rustic architectural details to evoke feelings of a simpler time.

Cottage-style architecture is often a mixture of multiple aesthetics, from Georgian to Victorian and Tudor styles. While modern cottages may vary slightly in their looks depending on how these elements are combined, these homes are always crafted with comfort and convenience in mind.

Where Can You Find Cottage-Style Homes?

Although cottages can serve as a primary residence, many people use the smaller homes as weekend or vacation homes. Because of this, cottage-style homes are often located in vacation destinations, such as a bright and beachy coastal town or a charming and rustic southern bayou.

Traditional English-style cottage homes can be found in older sections of New England, while more modern cottage houses have grown in popularity in recent years due to their affordability and can therefore be found across the country.

How To Embrace Cottage-Style Home Decor

Looking to foster a cottage-style feel without having to move? With the right colors, materials and decor, you can bring the cozy comfort of a cottage directly into your home.

Because a cottage-style home is a smorgasbord of different design styles, there are several different paths homeowners can take to embrace this style depending on their specific taste – but consider trying the following interior design ideas.

Decorate With Neutral Tones

Interior of luxury wooden cabin with high ceilings and picture windows.

Due to the smaller size of the home, cottages are often filled with light, neutral colors which reflect sunlight throughout the space to make it feel larger and more open.

But remember that white isn’t your only color option – if you prefer a pop of color, there are other avenues you can explore. For example, a more rustic cottage-style home would fit well with forest colors, while a more modern home might allow for a bright jewel tone in a throw pillow here or there.

Mix Wood Textures

Interior of modern kitchen in vintage style with white wooden furniture and rustic detail. Bright indoors with window and wood.

Exposed wood can easily add rustic charm to any type of home. If you already have wood details in your home, such as hardwood floors or exposed wood ceiling beams, do what you can to highlight them and make them a focal point in the room.

And don’t shy away from mixing wood tones and textures. For an extra vintage look, consider using chalk paint to give your wood furniture a more weathered, distressed look.

Incorporate Rugs In Natural Materials

Sheer white curtains on the window of a white living room interior with a striped, linen pillow on a modern wicker chair with natural rug.

Bare wood floors go well with the cottage aesthetic, but a natural rug or two can add a lot to the room. Mix and match area rugs throughout your space to achieve the cozy, cluttered look and keep a focus on natural materials like fiber and bamboo. If natural rugs aren’t your thing, a vintage area rug can be another great option for the right room.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Patterns

Dark cozy interior of big country wooden house, wooden furniture and animal furs. huge panoramic window and very high ceiling.

Cottage-style homes thrive on comfort, and what’s more comfortable than the soft surfaces in your home? Incorporating rugs, throws and pillows is one of the best ways to make your space feel cozy, but don’t feel pressured into choosing just one color or pattern. Coordinate several patterns and materials that are different but cohesive and spread them throughout your living area.

Add Vintage Details

Wooden Sofa with wool vintage pillows in Chalet Cozy Interior with Fireplace.

Personality and charm are key in cottage-style decor, so don’t shy away from the more eclectic things in life. Try incorporating vintage furniture and decor and think creatively about how items can be used. One element of this design style is using and reusing items to create a one-of-a-kind and adaptable space.

Try Adding Slipcovers

Stone cottage interior focusing on couch with white slipcover and sunshine streaming through window.

The cottage aesthetic thrives on the mixture of styles, colors and fabrics. In addition to incorporating new curtains, pillows and throws, consider adding slipcovers to your furniture to avoid replacing it. Slipcovered furniture is popular in cottage-style design and can add new texture in the space, and as a bonus, it’s easy to clean or swap out as your tastes change over time!

Bring The European Countryside To Your Home

When Snow White stumbled up on a seemingly abandoned cottage deep in the woods, she likely had no idea of the true value that laid beneath a thin layer of dust. But while there may not be singing woodland creatures standing by to help you transform your space, you can still bring the comfort and design of cottage-style homes into your house with just a few simple steps.

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