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8 Cozy Home Decor Ideas To Warm Up Your Winter

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UPDATED: March 04, 2024


It’s no secret that your environment can have a big influence on your mood and productivity. It’s why hotel rooms all look identical so that you can get a good night’s rest, and how people have made careers out of colorology and interior design. 

And as we approach the middle of winter, it’s why many of us love cozying up next to a fire or donning a snuggly throw blanket as the seasons change. Whether you’re interested in creating a space perfect for relaxing with a cup of coffee or a good book, or you simply want to feel immersed in a homey atmosphere, here are some cozy home decor ideas that are sure to surround you with all the warmth and comfort you need this winter. 

1. Keep Your Lighting Warm

Warm Lighting

Lighting can play a huge role in setting the mood of a room and its energy – colorful strobe lights are oftentimes associated with exciting concerts or parties, dim lighting is great for movies, and many of us probably associate the clinical feel of harsh fluorescent lighting with old dorm rooms or offices. 

To best warm up your space, keep your lighting, well, warm! When it comes to selecting bulbs for a cozy atmosphere, a yellow-toned bulb will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling as opposed to a cooler, blue-hued light bulb. Not only will warm-toned lighting evoke that Hallmark sense of comfort, but warm lighting can also feel less harsh and is easier on your eyes over time. 

To really cozy up a space, we also recommend trying out accent lighting and textile-based lamps to illuminate your room, rather than relying on glaring overhead lighting. This can include warm LED fairy lights or lamps with wood, paper or canvas shades and accents, as opposed to lighting with metallic or brassy materials, which can give off a more austere feel. 

2. Add Plants And Natural Elements

Plants And Natural Elements

Perhaps the simplest hack for cozy home decor is investing in some houseplants. Whether you have some spare shelf space, an empty windowsill, or an empty corner that could fit a planter, the added greenery is sure to – quite literally – breathe some more life into your home. Decorating with houseplants is known to aid in relaxation and calmness, while also bringing a sense of personality to your home. It can also just be plain fun to care for your own indoor garden and earn the coveted title of “plant parent.” 

Here are some low-maintenance houseplants to help get you started and spruce up your space without too much work on your end:

  • Golden pothos: This low-maintenance plant is an adorable leafy accent, perfect for hanging planters. Try keeping your pothos in a macrame hanger or draped over a shelf as a fun decoration; just be sure to keep it out of reach of any pets, as it can be toxic to cats and dogs.
  • Spider plants: This tropical plant is phenomenally easy to care for and many plant owners’ sworn starter of choice. Requiring minimal watering and sunlight with ample sprout babies that you can propagate for even more foliage, these are an extremely affordable way to bring some green into your home.
  •  English ivy: You’ll find many different species of the ivy plant, but hedera is an easy and cute choice that requires care only as needed. When you notice the leaves looking a bit limp, give it some water and it should perk back up.

3. Pile On The Area Rugs

Area rug.

While we may look back on the ’70s shag carpet craze with regret, it’s hard to deny the comfort that fluffy carpeting can bring into a home. If you want to feel some of this warmth under your feet without sacrificing style, consider getting a soft or warm-toned area rug. 

Not only will your home actually feel cozier – like, squish-between-your-toes cozier – but the right rugs can tie your whole room together and help you achieve a snug ambience. Whether you want to go for a bohemian look with woven or oriental-style rugs, or you love the look and feel of a soft, tufted rug, they’re sure to make your room feel more inviting. 

4. Add Texture

Textured decor.

Textiles are another great and easy home decorating hack for cozying up a space: woven baskets to store blankets or beloved slippers, faux fur accents and throws, and ceramic or wood decor and accents are great and easy touches that can make a space feel more inviting. By varying the textures in your home you’re making it more inviting to actually touch and live in that area, not simply observe it. 

5. Dress Up Your Walls

Wall decor.

To make your home feel more like your own, allow your personality to shine through in the form of wall decor. Bare walls can feel cold or uninviting – or at the very least, they won’t say anything about who you are as a person. 

Here are just a few ways you can dress up your walls to personalize your home and make a friendly environment:

  • Bookshelves: Shelving, especially made of natural materials, is a great way to take up some empty wall space – especially if you’re a bookworm. Display your favorite novels or collections, along with textured trinkets or houseplants to inject your personality into your space in a very aesthetically pleasing way.
  • Accessories: If you’re interested in fashion, consider displaying some hats or purses that match the color scheme of your home along your walls. Not only will it add texture and a unique focal point to your room, but it can also serve as a fun and unique storage solution that you can swap out seasonally.
  • Prints or posters: While hanging up posters of our favorite movies or bands may feel a bit reminiscent of our teenage selves, framed prints and posters can be an easy and affordable way to decorate, especially when paired with wood accents or hanging plants. Look for minimalist and warm-colored prints for an especially comfy decor option.
  • Mirrors: Not only can big mirrors make your space feel larger, but they’re extremely versatile for decorating. A big wood or gold-accented mirror can make a whole room come together, or small decorative mirrors can fill in any empty spaces on your walls. 

6. Update Your Window Dressings

Window Dressing.

While in the summer we may gravitate toward materials that keep things light and airy, like cotton and sheer linens, to really satisfy a winter craving for warmth you might want to consider updating your curtains to a heavier material. 

The same way that you might swap out your summer sheets for a heavier and cozier flannel in the winter, velvet or even just a bolder, jewel-toned curtain can bring a sense of seasonal warmth to your home. 

7. Incorporate Cozy Scents

Cozy scent.

When it comes to creating the cozy space of your dreams, don’t limit yourself to just visuals: the right scent can go a long way in providing a sense of comfort and warmth. On cold winter days the smell of cinnamon, vanilla, or pine can be extremely relaxing, while also helping you get in the spirit of the season. 

And you don’t have to be a candle fiend to inject the right aromas into your home. Candles, incense, essential oil diffusers, and hot wax melters are all great ways to fill your home with a cozy scent – that, or baking a batch of cookies. 

8. Consider Unique Seating

Unique seating.

Not much screams comfort more than chairs you can curl up in after a long day, and bean bags and papasan chairs are great and snuggly options for just that. If you want to upgrade your seating for ultimate coziness, these unique seating options are perfect for sinking into after a long day. 

If you’re strapped for space or have guests who seem to inevitably sit on the floor, elevate your room’s comfort even more with some floor cushions and pillows. Not only will it expand comfort beyond your couch, but it will also add a level of texture and warmth to the room. 

Cozy Up At Home This Winter

There are many ways to bring a sense of comfort to your home this winter – whether it’s something as small as lighting a candle or investing in some new furniture, creating a cozy environment through home decor doesn’t have to be hard. 

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