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Paver Patios: What Do They Cost To Install?

5-Minute ReadUPDATED: June 03, 2024


Summer is here, and after a long winter you may want to spend it outdoors as much as possible. Consider celebrating the occasion with an addition to your yard, like a brand new patio for you and your family to gather on, grill or just relax. Paver patios are especially popular for summer fun.

Of course, like any home addition, installing a paver patio means spending some of that hard-earned cash – often just for the installation alone. There are many other factors to consider that go into how much you’ll be spending on this endeavor, and luckily, we’ve done all that work for you. Read below our coverage of all of the different factors that could add up to the cost of your new paver patio.

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What Is A Paver Patio?

First things first: What exactly is a paver patio? As its name suggests, it is a patio formed by paved stones sequentially placed over an area of property. Paving stones – also called “pavers” – can be made from concrete or other materials. Paver patios are popular for inground pools or simply as a gathering place separate from the lawn. Many people decorate their paver patios with chairs and tables, and will have outdoor meals on nicer days. A paver patio is an ideal addition to your home if grilling outside with friends and family is your thing.

Popular Paver Materials

Your paver patio doesn’t have to look like your neighbors’. You can personalize your patio with one of the following popular materials.

Natural stone: For an earthy, timeless appearance, natural stone pavers are an ideal choice for your outdoor patio. While it can be the most expensive option, natural stone comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors for you to choose from. Types of natural stone include marble, granite, slate and, the most popular and expensive type, flagstone.

Brick: A simple and efficient design, but one of the more durable materials you can have for your patio. Brick pavers are typically made of clay or concrete, and offer a wide variety of colors and textures. This material is strong and stain-resistant, and as a bonus, clay bricks are known to be eco-friendly. Clay bricks offer limited options for color and size, but the thinner decorative brick pavers can be worn down by constant foot traffic. Brick can crack or break from wintertime freeze-thaw cycles, but individual bricks can be easily and affordably replaced.

Concrete: Perhaps the most common and affordable of these paver materials, concrete pavers are also easier to install for DIY patio builders. Concrete offers perhaps the largest variety of designs to choose from, and can even be molded and cut to resemble other paver materials like stone and brick. Like brick, concrete pavers are also subject to cracking after a particularly cold winter.

Additional paver materials range from rubber to recycled plastic, which, while cheaper, won’t be as durable as your more expensive options.

Average Cost Of Installing A Paver Patio

The not-so-fun part of a patio installation can be the cost. Below we’ve provided an overview of the different costs to installing a paver patio, including materials you can use, an average cost estimation and how much a professional installation may cost.

Cost Of Pavers

This chart lays out the costs of different paver materials. You can calculate your installation costs by measuring the square footage you want to cover.

[Note: Price ranges are based on data from the following sources:]

Paver Material

Unit Cost (Per Square Foot)

Professional Installation Cost (Per Square Foot)


$2 – $8

$8 – $20


$3 – $6

$8 – $15


$1 – $3

$8 – $14


$5 – $10

$15 – $20


$2 – $6

$10 – $30


$5 – $10

$12 – $20


$2 – $6



$2 – $8



Other Paver Patio Costs

It would be simple if pavers were all you needed, but a paver patio built to last requires additional materials to hold everything together. If you’re installing the patio yourself, you’ll need to purchase the following materials as well:

  • Gravel or sand
  • Landscaping fabric
  • Rebar or concrete

If you plan to hire a professional to install your patio, keep in mind that these additional materials will also be part of your bill

Cost To Have A Paver Patio Installed

The cost of labor for a professional job can be shocking to some homeowners. On average, the price for a professionally installed paver patio can range from $3,000 – $10,000. Factors like the type of paver used, the square footage being covered and additional materials will all affect the overall expenditure. Other costs depend upon how much preparation the work site will need, including grading and drainage, leveling and necessary supports. Installers will typically charge either by the hour or by square footage; you should confirm with your chosen professional by which method they’ll be charging for their service.

If you’re planning on a DIY job, you can save yourself about 50% of that cost, even after equipment rental costs. Before embarking on this endeavor, though, you should consult a professional so that you can spot any potential problems on your property.

Example: How Much Does A 20x20 Brick Paver Patio Cost?

A common patio size is 20x20 feet (400 square feet). To give you an idea of the cost of installing a paver patio, we’ll use brick pavers as an example. Adding in the size of the area (20x20), the type of paver (brick), the cost of labor and additional materials, a 20x20 brick paver patio can come out to an average of $3,400. As mentioned earlier, you could potentially halve that cost by doing it yourself – but you should always consult a professional regardless.

How To Cover The Costs Of A Paver Patio

If you don’t feel like you can comfortably make that type of investment out of your own pocket, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your patio dream. Taking out a personal loan is a common method people use to pay for home improvement projects. Otherwise, there are plenty of other home improvement loan options to best suit your means.

Final Thoughts

Though it can come with a steep price, your paver patio will look great as long as you live in your home. Make sure to take a look at your material and design options so you can decide which paver patio you can afford, and what will complement the look of your home.

Want a paver patio but still unsure about the price? Just picture those summer days spent outdoors with your loved ones, and your paver patio cost will feel well worth it.

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