White bathroom remodel with circle lights and basin tub.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: From Flooring To Fixtures

5-Minute ReadUPDATED: March 10, 2023


Let’s face it: Your bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your house. And that’s a great excuse to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. If your bathroom is underwhelming in appearance or in need of some general sprucing up, it’s probably time to think about renovating.

Before you dive into a full-scale bathroom remodel, you’ll want to figure out what you’re aiming for. What do you want your bathroom to look like? Will it be ultra-modern, in high-contrast black and white – or will walking in be like wandering into a serene forest, all in shades of green? We’re here to help with that.

A lot of the articles you’ll find on bathroom remodel ideas present a series of "themed" bathrooms to choose from, such as a "beach bathroom" or a "rustic farm bathroom." We think that most people like to pick and choose, so in this article, we’ve provided a range of ideas for every major component of a bathroom, from tile to paint. Once you know what’s out there, you can customize your bathroom to suit your tastes and needs.

Most of these ideas will work just as well for a small bathroom as a large one (any bathroom can be snazzed up with copper faucets or stunning tile), and many can be done on a budget. Still, those looking to really break the bank will find plenty of fodder to fuel the imagination as well.

Tile Ideas

Intricate Patterns 

Intricately patterned tiles can be a great way to make a bathroom feel lovingly detailed and personalized. Some homeowners even choose to create beautiful murals for their shower walls.

Bold Colors And Shapes

High-contrast color pairings and hexagonal tiles are both current trends that are also likely to age well.

Green bathroom remodel with bright hexagon tiles and a basin tub.


For a more fully modern look, slate gray matte has been an enduring trend and could be just the fix to make your bathroom feel sleek and new.

Matte bowl sink with copper faucet.

Fixture Ideas


Shower heads and faucets are two great places to really make a splash (if you’ll pardon the pun). A more expensive fixture likely won’t kill your wallet, but it can work wonders in creating the impression of luxury and customization.

Copper fixtures are a popular choice, and for good reason – there’s something warm and sophisticated about this eye-catching material.

Bathroom remodel with copper faucets.

Luxury Shower Heads

A high-pressure, luxury shower head can be a revelation to experience. If you live in a water-rich region where conservation is less crucial, this is an especially worthwhile upgrade to consider. You’ll also want to decide whether you want a detachable shower head or one that remains affixed to the wall.

Detachable Shower Heads

These are a must-have for many homeowners, but they can also compromise the aesthetics of your bathroom slightly – and you may find it annoying to detach and then reattach the head each time you shower.


A wall-mounted faucet could give your bathroom a distinctive look. Keep in mind, though, that this will likely involve a change to your plumbing lines and could require a custom-made sink as well.


Traditional Shade Light Fixtures

Shaded lights can give your bathroom a warm, homey feel.

Playful Flush-mount Fixtures

Flush-mount fixtures fit around light bulbs and lie flush with the ceiling, without any gaps or holes. These fixtures often blend in, but they don’t have to. You can find beautiful flush-mount fixtures in such fun shapes as stars or flowers.

Bathroom remodel with playful lighting fixture.

Side-mounted Sconces

Side-mounted sconces are attractive and come in a range of styles. They will allow you to target the areas of your bathroom that need the most light, like your mirrors.  You can also combine side-mounted lights with overhead lights for a brilliant ambience.

White bathroom remodel with side mounted sconce.

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Sinks, Showers And Tubs

Your choice of sink and tub can make an incredible difference to the overall look and feel of your remodel. Here are a few of the materials that we think could really elevate your new bathroom.

Vitreous China

Vitreous china is gleamingly white, and much more durable than the other materials it resembles. For either a sink or tub, it’s a fantastic choice for a remodel.

Vitreous china bathroom remodel with basin tub

Enameled Cast Iron

This is a material typically used for farmhouse-style sinks, and will help give your bathroom a vintage look. The smooth finish of enameled cast iron sinks will actually appear to sparkle. However, be advised: Enameled cast iron tubs and sinks can be difficult to install due to their weight, and they can chip or scratch.


Stone sinks are gorgeous, distinctive and durable. They are, however, quite heavy, which can make installation challenging and expensive – and your sink will probably need to be resealed down the line. As with many of these bathroom upgrades, you should consider all the pros and cons before making a final call.

Bathroom remodel with modern stone bathtub


Glass sinks can be a great way to keep the surface of your sink clean and sterile. And they’ll look quite distinctive! A glass shower looks bright and contemporary. For bonus points, make it a walk-in – an unobtrusive yet gleaming glass walk-in shower can be a great way to update your bathroom for the modern age.


Recessed Shelving

This can be an attractive and efficient option for a small bathroom – a great way to get the most from your space!

Shelves Behind The Toilet

This is another neat, little space-saving trick to try. You can use the shelving for towels, air care products and other toiletry essentials – or decorate with seashells and other bathroom-appropriate ornaments. 

A Shelving Nook

If your bathroom has any kind of shallow nook built in, adding attractive shelves here can be a great way to tie the whole room together.

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When it comes to more bang for your buck, paint has to be one of your top remodeling priorities. If you can find the right color for your room, you are halfway to a bathroom remodel that will make your heart happy.

Bright White

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. A bright white bathroom wall can provide the foundation for a clean, sleek vibe – or a more homey, quirky feel, depending on the decor you choose.


For a more muted, peaceful mood, consider stonewash paint. You’ll practically be able to hear a waterfall when you walk in.

Light Yellow

Cheerful and inviting, light yellow paint can give warmth and a sense of uniqueness to your bathroom – ideal for when you’ve got guests.

Deep Greens And Teals

These stunning colors can make for rich, distinctive walls, or they can serve as accents.

Don’t be afraid to go a little outside the box with your color choices. Staying too safe could prevent you from getting the most out of your remodel. Remember: You can always repaint later!

Bathroom remodel with dark teal paint and wood walls

Final Thoughts

Your bathroom should feel beautiful. Whatever your bathroom budget, you can find what you’ll need for a few key revisions that can turn this critical space in your home into one that you can actually feel proud of.

You should know that moving the location of your sink, toilet and shower will add to the price tag of your bathroom’s makeover significantly – and sometimes, you can do a lot with the layout you already have.

But that’s all circumstantial, as everyone’s bathroom is different. You may find that adding or moving certain items to your bathroom is a worthy investment. If you can find a solid way to finance a major remodel, it’s a change that could add significant comfort and even value to your home.

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