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A Guide To Estimating The Garage Door Replacement Costs

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UPDATED: March 21, 2024


Despite the substantial role that a good garage oftentimes serves within a home, this versatile space can easily go overlooked when discussing renovations or ways to increase your property’s value. But when it comes to receiving a good return on investment and increasing your home’s curbside appeal, having an attractive and functional garage door can do wonders.

It may not be something that many particularly marvel at, but as one of the main focal points of your home’s exterior, damage or age can be an eyesore – and one that’s challenging to hide.

So, if you’ve noticed that your garage door has taken some hits due to weather, time, or a combination of both, it may be a good idea to look into getting a replacement. We’re here to dish on everything you may need to know about garage door replacement costs and finding the right garage door for your home and budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Garage Door?

Like any other home project or renovation, cost plays a huge role in deciding how to go about replacing your garage door. As of 2020, HomeAdvisor found that the average price for a new garage door installation is around $1,200 – which includes the cost of labor and materials.

Depending on a variety of factors, a good garage door replacement could run you anywhere from $600 to around $1,500. These factors include the obvious – the size of the door you’re looking for, installation fees and materials – in addition to costs you may not have considered, like design, customizations and of course, the removal and disposal of your current garage door.

Although it’s pricey, a garage door replacement cost is worth the investment. Replacing your garage door is a great way to help your home stand out and recoup costs when you sell it and the cost of a garage door replacement – even those on the pricier side – can easily be earned back in the form of improved curb appeal and by increasing your property’s overall value. Additionally, if you’ve been operating with a manual garage door for years, updating to an automatic door will really boost your home’s value.

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When Do I Need To Replace My Garage Door?

Regardless of all of the positives that come with a shiny new garage door, you most likely won’t want to dedicate the time, money and energy toward a project unless it’s absolutely necessary. So, when is that exactly? Let’s break down the main instances for when replacing your garage door might be a good idea:


  • Damage: Perhaps the most obvious motivation for getting a new garage door is if there’s significant and noticeable damage. Maybe a mishap with your car or recent severe weather left your garage door particularly battered, or maybe old age has simply taken its toll. Whatever the case, if your garage door is incapable of properly securing your valuables inside of the garage or if it fails to adequately insulate your home, then it’s not operating at its full potential and a replacement door is definitely an option worth exploring.
  • Age: With a typical lifespan of 15 – 30 years, or in some cases, as much as the age of your home with some proper TLC, it may be hard to imagine age really affecting the functionality of your garage door. But like everything, with time certain parts may begin to wear out and even pose a safety hazard. Telltale signs that it may be time to put your garage door out to pasture include loud or creaking noises when in use and any visible rusting or damage to the tracks or hardware.
  • Upgrade: We’ve briefly touched on the significant return on investment that a new garage door can provide and this kind of upgrade really is an efficient and extremely effective way to up your home’s curb appeal. So, if you’re looking to sell anytime soon or generally want to increase the value of your home, having an up-to-date automatic garage door opener is a must.

Now, in some cases, minor dings, scuffs or damaged parts can be repaired without a total overhaul of your garage door. If you want to spruce up your home’s exterior for purely cosmetic reasons, something as small as a fresh coat of paint can really make your garage door look like new. Additionally, if you’ve identified just one part of your garage door that doesn’t appear to be working properly, replacing that particular part alone could do the trick at a fraction of the cost.

But it’s important to bear in mind that if your garage door has been having a slew of mechanical issues or the necessary repairs seem to keep piling up, it may be time to invest in an upgrade – and as one of the best features for a high ROI, it will be well worth it in the end.

What Factors Determine Garage Door Replacement Cost?

As with any renovation or project, homeowners are faced with many options when it comes to choosing a replacement garage door. We’ve rounded up some of the major factors to consider in your search for the perfect garage door replacement.

Home Location

The same way that home values vary based on geographic location, the cost and style of a new garage door will also vary from home to home. Certain materials may cost more in particular regions – or simply not be available or logical for that particular climate. Windier areas, for example, may require garage doors with more reinforcement to prevent buckling and damage, thus costing you a bit more change. 

Design And Materials

These are perhaps the most obvious and influential factors on your garage door’s pricing, as the design and material quite literally make up the quality of your door. Whether you want windows, stylized panels, multiple colors or a specific material will all affect the price of your project – typically, driving costs more toward the pricier range. But even deciding how you want your door to function – do you want a tilt-up lift mechanism or a sectional-style door? – will affect the final cost.


Labor is another factor which will affect costs based on where your home is located. While materials shouldn’t impact the cost of labor, things like the size of your garage door, customizations, and the overall time commitment that the job requires will. HomeAdvisor found that on average, the cost of labor for a typical garage door installation can run you $300, or anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on quantity and where you’re located.


Most garage door installation fees will include the cost of supplies – from pulleys to wires to the necessary springs, all of which will be factored into the final bill. In some areas, things like transportation or permit fees may also be factored into the cost of a garage door replacement.

Additionally, if you’re interested in a more secure upgrade, installing a garage door lock can also drive up your total – the average cost for a garage door lock installation ranges from $150 to $320.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Garage Door Spring?

As one of the most common repairs made to a garage door, replacing your springs may be a good idea before they can snap and become dangerous. Most garages have two springs which bear the entire weight of the door – every time you use your garage, these springs take on the weight of the whole system. When a spring snaps or breaks, it can become a significant safety hazard.

It’s also generally discouraged for homeowners to attempt a spring replacement – oftentimes, “repairing” a garage spring is simply through a replacement – as it is so dangerous. Professionals are best suited for this risky project due to their expertise. The average cost of replacing a two-car garage spring is $150 – $350, which includes the cost of labor and supplies.

Garage Door Replacement: Should I DIY Or Hire A Professional?

With the rise of DIYs and the strive to save money wherever you can, taking on a garage door replacement project may seem extremely tempting. And although investing some sweat equity can indeed save you money short-term and a DIY garage door replacement is possible with the right team of people, this kind of project is best left to the professionals.

The same way that the average homeowner shouldn’t replace a garage spring on their own due to the safety risks, it’s probably smartest and safest to hire the experts to tackle the overall garage installation as well.

The Bottom Line: The Cost of Replacing A Garage Door Is Worth It

With so much to consider before deciding whether to replace your garage door – the damage, age or need for an upgrade – it can feel like simply sticking it out with what you have is the best option. And although the average cost for a garage door replacement can be a lofty $1,200, the ROI, increased safety and fresh new look will make it well worth the price.

If you think a garage door replacement is best for you and your home but you’re having trouble figuring out how to afford it, consider taking out a home improvement loan. With a variety of eligibility requirements and an abundance of options – particularly regarding garage remodels – a home improvement loan can be a great option to increase your home’s equity. Check out Rocket Loans® today to apply for a home improvement loan that’s right for you. 

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