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How To Incorporate Hygge Home Decor: 9 Ideas And Tips

Morgan McBride4 minute read
UPDATED: February 18, 2022


Have you ever felt dissatisfied with your home’s decor? That could be a signal that your home just isn’t cozy. Cozy homes are really having a moment right now. As people spend more time at home, it’s becoming increasingly popular to focus on home decor that is cozy. This innate coziness is often referred to as hygge-style home decor. 

What Is Hygge Decor?

Hygge decor is a style of minimalist home decor with the goal of finding joy in life’s simple pleasures. Hygge – pronounced “hoo-gah” – comes from the Norwegian word “hugga,” which means “to comfort.” However, hygge home style is more of a Danish concept and more common as a lifestyle choice in Denmark.

Hygge home style focuses on cozy spaces that are inviting and emphasize nostalgia and togetherness. Hygge spaces should be clutter-free with a focus on a few simple things that bring joy and pleasure. These spaces are decorated with neutral but warm color palettes, natural materials, and a few sentimental or vintage items.

What Is A Hygge Lifestyle?

It’s fine to decorate your home in hygge style, but hygge is not just a decor style – it is also a lifestyle. To incorporate hygge into your life, focus on living in the moment and cherishing the small joys in life. Try to avoid dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Let small things bring you happiness and try to really focus on that happiness every day. The hygge experience means a comfortable, pleasurable way of life and state of mind for you and your family.

9 Hygge Decor Ideas For Your Home

There are many ways to style your home to reflect a hygge lifestyle. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Work With A Neutral Color Scheme

Hygge interior design is focused on clean, minimalist spaces. Light, bright colors will instantly make spaces feel cleaner and calmer. Hygge in general is focused on a timeless style, so sticking to neutral colors helps to keep a room from feeling too trendy or set in one point in time.

When selecting accent colors or even neutral base colors, focus on warm tones. Warm-toned colors have yellow undertones and tend to feel cozier compared to stark, crisp cool-toned colors. It’s especially important when choosing white or gray paint to note the undertone. When in doubt, hold your paint swatch up to a piece of crisp white paper to make the undertones more evident!

Focus On Natural Textures

Since hygge-style homes don’t have a lot of colors, the best way to keep them from feeling flat is to layer in texture. Texture, especially through textiles, has the added bonus of making a space feel cozy. Focus on natural textures such as cotton, wood and stone for the most hygge look. Faux fur and chunky knit blankets and pillows are a great way to add texture to any seating space.

Decorate With Houseplants

Houseplants are the ultimate natural texture to decorate with. For a layered look, try to combine houseplants with different heights. This could include indoor trees, pots on shelves or tabletops, and hanging planters. If your home doesn’t have great natural lighting, consider purchasing faux silk plants instead. Stick to faux plants that are just greenery without any flowers for the most natural look.

Incorporate Natural Light And Candles

For a cozy ambiance, try to have at least three light sources in each room. Multiple light sources that are natural and comforting, like fire and candles, can bring more welcoming vibes. It always feels cozier to cut off overhead lights and instead use lamps or sconces for more casual lighting. Fairy lights or string lights can be hung around your home to add warmth to living space.

When possible, remove heavy curtains and open the blinds to let natural light pour in. This will make a space literally lighter and brighter, and removing heavy shades can also make a room feel less cluttered.

Display Your Favorite Books

While a hygge home won’t have tons of decor on display, each piece you choose to display should be something that you love. Your favorite books double as beautiful decor and interesting conversation starters with guests. The joy you feel when reading – and talking about – a book you love is a very hygge feeling. You can display books on a shelf, but also consider stacking several books horizontally. You can set this stack on a coffee table or put it on a shelf and top it with a piece of sentimental decor or a framed photograph for a layered look.

Create The Perfect Nook

A hygge home wouldn’t be complete without a nook. Nooks are super comfortable spots for you and your family members to rest. To create a nook in your living space, the most important thing is to pick a secluded spot. It could be an actual nook in the walls or, more simply, a corner of a room. Start with comfy seating like a deep bench or armchair. Add blankets and pillows, a place to set a warm drink, and soothing lighting such as a floor lamp for the perfect ambiance. Place a stack of reading materials nearby and set aside some time to snuggle up with a good book.

Light A Fire

Wood-burning fireplaces are another key hygge touch. They are literally warm and inviting, and about as cozy as it gets. Burning fires make people want to sit, gather and chat. If you don’t have a burning fireplace, a gas or electric fireplace can achieve the same effect. If you don’t have a fireplace at all, consider grouping some pillar-style candles to achieve the fireplace aesthetic. You can consider getting a personal loan to fund a fireplace upgrade to really take your hygge home up a notch.

Add Vintage Touches

Vintage accent pieces are interesting and unexpected home decor choices. Even better, select vintage decor that has meaning to your or your family. Showcasing special pieces allows you to really focus on them, the memories that they may hold, and the joy that you feel in those memories.

Keep It Simple

The most important aspect of a hygge home is that it is simple. Cutting out the clutter and extra stuff lets your focus really go to those special things that you truly love.

Hygge Decor Is The Perfect Way To Create A Winter Oasis

If you are feeling dissatisfied with your home, decorating in a hygge style might help you feel more at home in your space. The concept of hygge focuses on minimalism and comfort to achieve a truly comfortable home design. Consider getting a personal loan with Rocket LoansSM to help with big home projects.

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