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Exciting Rocket Loans Update: Now Introducing Rocket Account

Miranda Crace3-Minute Read
UPDATED: February 29, 2024


At Rocket Loans, we want our clients to have all the resources they need to achieve more. That’s why we recently joined Rocket Account: offering our clients an accessible and seamless user experience. Now, you can manage and navigate across Rocket Companies using one personalized account.

To understand our Rocket Account transition, and how to get connected, read our FAQ below:

1. Wait – So What Exactly Is Rocket Account?

    Simply put, Rocket Account is our one-stop hub for all things Rocket.

    With Rocket Account you can use a single username and password to manage all active (and future!) Rocket accounts, including Rocket Homes, Rocket Mortgage and Rocket Loans from one central location! 


    2. How Do I Know If I Aready Have A Rocket Account? 

    If you are a Rocket Mortgage client or if you previously created a login with Rocket Mortgage or Rocket Homes, you already have a Rocket Account.

    When prompted to sign in to your Rocket Account, please do so with the username and password you use to log in to Rocket Mortgage and/or Rocket Homes. You do not need to create a new Rocket Account. Once multiple Rocket accounts are linked, you will only need to use your Rocket Account log in credentials on any Rocket site moving forward.

    If you do not have login credentials for Rocket Mortgage or Rocket Homes, we will help you create a Rocket Account by connecting your active Rocket Loans dashboard. Log in to your Rocket Loans dashboard as usual and follow the prompts.

    Once you have created a Rocket Account, you will use that e-mail and password moving forward to sign in to Rocket Loans and other Rocket dashboards.

    Please note, if you created your Rocket Account after 2017, your username is your email address.

    3. What Does Rocket Account Mean For Me? 

      I Already Have A Rocket Account

      You would already have a Rocket Account if you previously created a login with Rocket Mortgage or Rocket Homes.

      In this case, you can sign in to Rocket Account using the credentials you use to sign in to Rocket Mortgage and/or Rocket Homes. There is no need for you to create a new Rocket Account for Rocket Loans. If your Rocket Account and Rocket Loans dashboard have not already been linked, you will receive customized, easy-to-follow prompts at login to add your Rocket Loans dashboard to your Rocket Account – so you can monitor all of your Rocket products and services from now on with a single login.

      Did you create your Rocket Loans dashboard on or after April 14, 2021? Not to worry! Your dashboard is already connected to Rocket Account.

      I Have A Rocket Loans Dashboard, But Not A Rocket Account

      If you’ve never created an account with Rocket Mortgage or Rocket Homes you will need to upgrade your Rocket Loans dashboard to a Rocket Account. We have customized, easy-to-follow prompts to connect your Rocket Loans dashboard to Rocket Account. Just start by signing in to your Rocket Loans dashboard as usual and we’ll meet you there with guidance.

      I Am A New Client 

      WelcomeWe will help you create a Rocket Account during your Rocket Loans personal loan application process 

      4. Why Do I See An Error When I Try Logging In To My Rocket Loans Dashboard?

        Are you seeing an error when trying to connect your Rocket Loans dashboard to Rocket Account? Our tips below may help you successfully log in, but please contact us if you continue to have trouble.

        • Make sure you’re using the correct account log in credentials (see above)
        • Check for case-sensitive errors
        • Close your browser window and try again using a different browser
        • Clear your cache 

        Get In Touch With Us.

        Our friendly Personal Loan Experts are here to help!

        5. Do I Need To Verify My Email?

          Yes. If you already closed a personal loan with us and want to access your Rocket Loans dashboard and view your loan, you need to first verify your email for Rocket Account.

          However, if you’re still in the Rocket Loans application process, don’t worry! We will verify your email during the application steps so you’re "ready to rock" with Rocket Account once you finalize your personal loan offer.

          Have more specific questions about upgrading to Rocket Account? You can reach out to a Rocket Loans Personal Loan Expert today 

          Apply For A Personal Loan.

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